Why give money to Rhino Art?

There are many charities and organisations that use resources to fight the poachers, but only Rhino Art works, at grass roots level, with the communities that are most affected by rhino poaching.


We believe that we can show the future generation that rhinos belong to them; they are the children’s heritage. We can help to outlaw poaching and to make it unacceptable to this generation. We can spread rhino love to the people who are in the best position to influence poaching and poachers.

What do we do with the money?

We buy paper, art materials and prizes for the children


We pay the costs of our volunteers who travel to the schools


We buy or rent equipment and vehicles for the use of the Rhino Art volunteers

How can you donate?

Click on this link to GIVENGAIN who collect money on our behalf through African Conservation Trust.


Registration #: 030-243 NPO; IT 2174/2000/PMB